The Team

The ExpeditionDan team is made up of a small group of outdoor minded people who just happen to be related.  We are constantly on the lookout for new adventures and topics to explore on the blog.

Dan- Lead Blogger, Gear Guru
Dan founded as a way to share his trips and knowledge of the outdoors. Not to mention he was rather tired of using hand gestures to describe his trips to friends. By day he is an engineer at an aerospace company and runs a small stealth Outdoor gear manufacturing start-up. Not content to simply be boring he can often be found cycling, rock climbing, hiking and mountaineering. With more than 15 years of outdoors experience, he is rarely without an opinion or a piece of handy advice when it comes to sports in the outdoors. He is best described by his co-bloggers and trip partners as a pain loving lunatic who is also fun to explore the outdoors with.


Robyn- Editor, Social Media Expert, Guest Blogger, Tester

Robyn is an avid climber and self affirmed zip line fanatic. Not one to shy away from an adventure, she plans many adventures and helps keeps the grammar police from hauling anyone away. In her day job she is a social media and marketing specialist for She also runs her own blog Don't Just Dream, Live where she talks about all the adventures she has not related to

Michelle- Tester, Pro Internet User

Michelle is a relatively new convert to the outdoors; she prefers to found mobile start ups for a living. Her latest endeavor is known as Blink (Now a part of Yahoo). What she lacks in experience she more than makes up for in enthusiasm to learn. In fact she is regularly foolish enough to get dragged along on adventures with the rest of the crew, leading to much fun. As a relative newbie, she makes a perfect test subject to find out just how bad re-hydrated meals taste or how long it takes a mere mortal to light a camp stove.

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